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About The Public House of Art

The Public House of Art is a new art platform with the motto: we are not a f*cking gallery! They believe that art should be accessible and affordable for all. Experience is paramount; with the help of creative agency, KesselsKramer, PHOA has created a concept where everyone feels welcome.

The Public House of Art collaborates with international artists to curate bi-annual, thematic exhibitions; eliminating the snobbish, academic barrier that often surrounds art. The current theme: "The Devil Inside Me”. Think of those indulging moments when you eat a whole bag of crisps, down that extra shot, or devour a hamburger just after the gym; the chance that temptation consumes you is big, especially in the heat of the moment. The artists in this show are: Elizabeth Koning, Carolina Mizrahi, Andrey Kezzyn, Barbara van den Berg, Esther Levigne, Thomas Thijssen, Mariska Karto, Paulina Otylie Surys, Irene Wijnmaalen Paolo Angelucci, Flore Zoé, Hayo Sol, Tamara Kvesitadze, Valay Shende and Mance van Beers. It's a mixture of both emerging and established artists, all of whom embody the core values and ideas of The Public House of Art; art for all.

The art is affordable to everyone because it is offered in four sizes (House, Villa, Mansion and Castle); prices range from € 100 for the smallest size to € 2,000 for the largest.